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Dear Friend,

Isolation is hard. For a teen or young adult, it can be devastating. Without a supportive community of peers, young people often feel trapped by fear and insecurity, thinking it unsafe to dream and try new things. Now picture a young person living with a life-threatening illness like cancer, HIV or a rare genetic disorder, facing the same "growing up" process.

Their life experience has been defined by never-ending hospital visits and medications (not to mention the nauseating side effects), all of which mark them as "different." Even more overwhelming is that they feel different from their cohort. Who do these young people talk to and hang out with? For most of them, a community of peers who have "been there" is hard to find.

"I actually tried to run away from my first Next Step program. I was running away from the pain. But honestly, Next Step gave me a running start and a lot of confidence." - NEXT STEP PARTICIPANT, AGE 21

Having a community that "gets it" and shares similar life experiences can unlock the door to potential. This is where Next Step comes in. We provide a community where seriously ill young people can take risks - safely failing and succeeding - as they learn the skills and develop the self-confidence necessary to have a future they never before thought possible. Community is the Key.

"Next Step gets kids together and helps them understand that their diagnosis is not something that they have to handle alone, that they have other people with them. They can ask questions and get answers." - NEXT STEP PARTICIPANT, AGE 17

At Next Step, young people meet and engage with their peers. They are no longer alone when grappling with the issues they face. They begin to view themselves through a different lens. 

"At Next Step you will be welcomed; your words heard. You will be given tools to grow as a person, and to form bonds with people who've had like experiences. You'll have fun too, and be bombarded by friendship, music and good vibes." - NEXT STEP PARTICIPANT, AGE 19

We cannot do this work alone. I welcome you to be a part of the Next Step community and unlock the potential of some amazing teens and young adults. Please give what you can to the 2017 Next Step Annual Appeal, Community is the Key and help us reach our goal this holiday season of $45,000. Every dollar is deeply appreciated and will be used to support young people living with life-threatening illness to become resilient and productive members of our greater community.

With warm regards,

Bill Kubicek

Founder and Executive Director





Does your employer have a matching gift program? Please ask! Next Step is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Next Step's federal tax identification number is 04-3579298.