Keep It Growing: 2018 Next Step Annual Appeal


Dear Friend,

At this time of year, we often find ourselves taking the time to reflect, as well as looking forward to what is possible in 2019. As the New Year approaches I find myself primarilylooking forward. Asking questions like: Where should Next Step focus its resources? How do we reach even more young people living with cancer, HIV and rare genetic disorders? How can wehave an even greater impact?

This summer I received an extraordinary invitation that would set the stage for these questions. I was asked to deliver a Ted Talk on the theme "That Was Then." Here it was, the opportunity to look back on the last two decades of Next Step and the work we've been doing. I chose to talk about young people born with HIV+. I invite you to watch my talk: "Born positive: Leading the way while growing up with HIV."

My hope is that it will shed a bright light on why the mission of Next Step is so important and why we are asking you to help us continue doing this critical work. Please consider making a donation to the 2018 Next Step Annual Appeal and help us Keep It Growing in 2019.


Bill Kubicek




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