"Thank You" from Sarah, Next Step Board President

Dear Supporters,

At Next Step, we take very seriously the isolation, which is not just possible, but likely when a young person is faced with a serious illness. As a result, we provide a welcoming community made up of both Next Step staff and peers faced with similar diseases. Within this community we begin to fulfill our mission of Shattering Limitations and Elevate Aspirations of teens and young adults living with cancer, HIV or a rare genetic disorder. 

We listen to the stories of challenges these young people face every day. We build trust and confidence allowing these young people to become aware of these hurdles and develop strategies to forge ahead as they transition into adulthood. The supportive community and programming found at Next Step is Working, but the number of seriously ill young people that would benefit from Next Step continues to grow dramatically.

We are the only "game in town" providing this type of community. Your financial support will allow us to expand our program model to access more youth by hiring additional staff, expanding youth community outreach and increasing programs and residential Campferences without compromising the integrity of our mission.

To all of you who have already donated to the 2018 Next Step Annual Appeal, we sincerely appreciate your generosity. We are only $11,000 away from reaching our fundraising goal! Please support the continued growth of the Next Step community and donate to Next Step. Lets Keep It Growing!

Happy New Year!

With warm regards,

Sarah Garrity

President of the Board of Directors, Next Step