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Our corporate sponsors are critical partners in helping us continue to expand our free year-round education and support programming for young people battling cancer, blood diseases and rare genetic disorders. Your support will empower seriously ill young people to move from "Why Me?" to "What's Next?" during their complicated transition to adulthood. Contact Colin Mueller to discuss a corporate sponsor partnership with Next Step: or call our office at 617.864.2921. Sponsorship opportunities:



  • Become a year-round sponsor with a customized package





  • 4-day Summer Campference
  • Weekend Campference
  • Next Step Central programs


“Next Step has changed my life in an indescribable way. I’ve gained so many life skills that I wouldn’t have attained as easily, due to my physical disability. I’ve become so much more open and honest about my disease and I truly understand the reality of it. Next Step has helped me realize I can achieve anything, despite any setbacks or obstacles along the way.”

- Jasmin, 23 years old