Music Therapy: Song.Studio

“I found my voice on Tuesday and I haven’t stopped singing since”
– HIV positive participant, age 20

Next Step's music therapy program empowers young people with serious illnesses to envision positive futures, develop strong coping skills, and share their experiences through music.

Music provides a culturally relevant, youth‐oriented, technique for young people to channel their emotions and cope with hardship. The song becomes the vehicle through which issues that remain too difficult to speak about – chronic illness, fear of death, stigma and discrimination – can be expressed.

Our music therapy program connects youth with Kimberly Khare, a certified music therapist, for intensive performance, song‐writing, recording, production & engineering workshops. Youth benefit not only from the therapeutic and creative aspects of the program, but also learn important life and job skills.

In April 2014, Next Step moved to a new office location in the Central Square neighborhood of Cambridge, MA. We are thrilled about the many offerings of our new home, including a new recording studio. The recording studio provides an appealing setting for our participants that is fun, engaging and provides an opportunity to create music in a professional setting.

Join Next Step's Music Therapy Program

Please contact Kepler Jeudy, Next Step Program Director, at or call our office at 617.864.2921 if you are a young person living with a chronic life-threatening illness who is interested in participating in Next Step's SongStudio or if you know a young person who may be interested in our life-changing program.

Listen to Our Original Music

Click on the SoundCloud link below and listen to of some of the amazing original music that our young participants wrote, recorded and produced with Kimberly Khare.