Initiatives to Support Youth Living With HIV

Cover to Next Step HIV Transitions Guidebook

HIV Transitions Guidebook

In 2012, Next Step published Moving On Positively: a Guide for Youth, Caregivers and Providers  published with the support of the MassCARE Program at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The book is the product of a series of focus groups led by Next Step's program for young people living with HIV, their parents/caregivers and health providers in Massachusetts, in order to identify the challenges to transition in care and practical solutions. The book provides a series of recommendations for each audience, that will help prepare young people for transition and keep them focused on a healthy and successful future with HIV. 

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With a grant from the MassCARE program at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, in 2011 Next Step launched a year-round, statewide initiative to train HIV positive youth as peer leaders, to improve youth engagement in health care. Peer leaders will co-develop a curriculum for HIV positive youth that focuses on medical transition, disclosure, adherence, sexual health and positive living.

SHIFT Uganda

This is a regional project that combines the expertise of HIV positive youth and the agencies who serve them to improve systems of support and promote health, dignity and prevention. Based in Kampala, Uganda, the project is modeled after the No Longer Voiceless Conference.

Media Workshops

These are year-round educational workshops in which youth explore their personal stories about growing up with HIV, and are provided with safe and creative platforms by which to share these experiences publicly.  Projects include the filming of a short documentary and “Pozcast” recordings – brief, web-based audio messages that discuss the issues that they face. Pozcasts have been created in collaboration with young people from SHIFT Uganda. Additionally, youth are trained in songwriting and spoken word poetry through Next Step’s music therapy program.