Next Step’s Response to COVID-19

Our young people need to know more than ever that Next Step is still here and going to show up for them.  The uncertainty of COVID-19 has affected everyone, but for the young people we serve living with chronic illness, who are already vulnerable and isolated, the impact of COVID-19 has been amplified exponentially.

We have upped our online presence by providing Instagram live, zoom meet-ups, songwriting workshops, task-force meetings among others.

We are redesigning our summer programs to be 100% virtual and we are making sure there are no barriers to those that want to participate including providing technology to those that don’t have access.

We are encouraging our young people to stay connected with us, their community, and themselves. This is an unusual time. Young people with chronic illnesses are already at risk for isolation, stigma, and disempowerment. We are continuing and increasing our work with them to shatter those limitations so they can empower themselves to influence and leverage their future.

We provide all of our programs at no cost to the young people. We need your help to make sure we can show up for them. Please consider making a donation, following us on social media (@nextstepfund), and stay well.

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