When Lightning Strikes

Comic Book Cover14 Year-old Kara Jackson has sickle cell but she won’t let that stop her from competing in the Power Games, a tournament for aspiring superheroes. When her arch-nemesis, Niko, discloses her condition to the tournament officials without her  consent, Kara must prove to everyone that she is stronger than they think.


Community Statement

This story was written by, and for, teens living with sickle cell anemia. We recognize that there are not  a lot of stories about people living with sickle cell and we wanted this to change. This comic book is meant to raise awareness about sickle cell and highlight the struggle that kids like us go through everyday. From pain crises to feelings of doubt around our own abilities,  we have all been there. To the youth who are reading this: We hope that, like Kara, you can find ways to respect your limits, persevere, and triumph in your own way. Most of all, we ant you to know that you’re not alone. We’re here with you.

Read the full book:

When Lightning Strikes: Next Step STRIVE Comic Book 


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