Survive the Hospital

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10 Rules of How to Survive the Hospital

1. Surround yourself with good friends and family

2. Always have your comfort shows and movies – bring your device

3. Never forget that when you get out, you have a life to live

4. This isn’t forever

5. Try your best to get sleep – get your sleep when you can – don’t try to stay up

6. Hydrate

7. It’s hard to get better if you don’t advocate for yourself (ps – advocating is hard)

8. Talk with your nurses – get to know them – they’re people too! (Your family and friends have lives and getting to know your nurses helps with the loneliness)

9. If you have the $, order yourself some food! (the nurses don’t like this, but…)

10. Comfort music is a must – your comfort songs can help make you feel better – or be a place to hold your feels

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