Quita Christison

Quita is Next Step’s resident people person, responsible for connecting young people and their providers to our programs and is herself a young adult with a rare genetic disorder. Quita merges her two passions of theatre and healthcare education by engaging youth in expressive arts to help them take ownership of their narratives. She is all about having young people get into the conversations that matter to them. You can often find Quita singing and dancing about the importance of “Hydrate! Urinate! Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!” Quita has a BA in Theater Studies and BS Anthropology from the University of Utah and a Masters in Public Health from Boston University.

Favorite thing about working with Next Step
Getting to learn and connect with young people, who have so much wisdom and light. It’s amazing to be able to help them figure out their narratives and decide which path they want to take.

Random personal factoid
Leftovers and “regular food” for breakfast is my favorite. I’ve been known to wake up and make a box of mac and cheese or pan fry some dumplings.

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