“5 Steps Ahead”



It’s a confidence thing

I’m always thinking 5 steps ahead

I do this to keep myself safe because so many times things have unraveled
And it’s just too much on my heart

I want to put myself out there – but rejection is real

So I think things through many times
And I try to see 5 steps ahead



I initially wasn’t going to choose this Vibes topic but I stuck with it because I felt this was one of my bad qualities that I have. I let my indecisiveness lead me into not doing a lot of things I would like to do in life – not finishing or accomplishing things I want to do in life. This slows me down and it makes me very skeptical of trying new things because I’m always unsure of how things are going to pan out – and my self esteem is going to be more crushed if I try something and fail – so I stay in my safety net instead of moving forward.

Sometimes I will think I want to start practicing for a test – but I’ll already by thinking of the failure of me – of me failing this test and how that will make me feel and how people will think of me as a failure. But I don’t want to see myself as a failure.

This kind of thinking really brings me down – so I felt that writing this Vibe could help me acknowledge this character flaw and hopefully work on it. By acknowledging it, I could work on it. By saying out loud I’ll be admitting to it AND giving myself the chance to know that I have possibility.

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