The Experience

So what can you do at Next Step?! You can create new lifelong friendships with people who understand what you’re going through because they have been there too. You can find your voice and practice telling the story you want to tell about yourself. You can learn life skills and use resources that really help.

Watch the videos to better understand what you’ll experience at Next Step.

Meet Shardé

A former Next Step participant and the current Director of our Summer Campference program for cancer survivors. Shardé explains how she found a community at Next Step.


Summer Campference

Young people like you have said it best. Learn about the magic of our Summer Campference program from past attendees.


Song Studio

Join Kimberly Khare, Song Studio Director, in our recording studio. You don’t need any musical experience. Kimberly will be right there with you as you learn how to find your story, your words, and how you want the world to hear it.


‘Come and Walk a Mile’ – Next Step Original Song

Are you feeling isolated and exhausted by your medical condition? We get it. A group of young people came together to write and record the original song, ‘Come and Walk a Mile’ to communicate these challenging obstacles and how our programs have helped them along the way. Listen to more original songs created in our recording studio.


‘Forward On’ – Next Step Original Song

At Next Step, you can safely share your feelings and life experiences with new friends. Enjoy a group of young people performing their original song, ‘Forward On’, and get an inside peek of our popular Summer Campference program.


Mentorship at Next Step

At Next Step, our mentors equip our mentees with the resources, tools, knowledge and life skills they need to succeed in their life.



Please email Casey Casey, Next Step Nursing Director & Partnership Coordinator at or Kepler Jeudy, Next Step Program Director, if you are interested in joining one of our free programs:

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