By The Numbers

Since our founding in 2001, we have worked with more than 8,000 young people at Next Step. We make every effort to increase the availability of our programs and services each year, and to measure the impact that our programs have so that we can understand and evolve them accordingly.

2022 Program Metrics

  • We offered 7 Campferences
  • We offered 70 STRIVE programs
  • 54 young people participated in Song Studio
  • Young people participated in 2,767 hours of programming

We worked with many young people virtually and in person to build skills and the self-confidence needed to move forward in their life:

  • 161 Song Studio sessions
  • 204 young people joined our program Task Force meetings
  • 134 young people attended our Campferences
  • 259 1-to-1 mentoring/tutoring sessions

We have seen many measurable milestones achieved by young people who have done significant work with Next Step staff and volunteers, including:

  • 3 community songs were written and produced
  • 5 individual songs were written and produced
  • 6 young people graduated from our Summer Campference program
  • 7 young people performed or spoke at public or outreach events for Next Step


“Next Step taught me how to successfully advocate for myself. The community gave me tools to be confident and successful in my life.”NEXT STEP YOUTH

2022 Summer Campference Survey Feedback

“I have a community where I can express my thoughts, feelings, and experiences about my medical illness.”

  • Pre-program: 38.1% strongly agree
  • Post Program: 71.4% strongly agree

“I feel confident I can build strong relationships.”

  • Pre-program: 23.8% strongly agree
  • Post Program: 38.1% strongly agree

“I feel motivated to change the things I want to change in my life.”

  • Pre-program: 19% strongly agree
  • Post Program: 52.4% strongly agree

“I would recommend Next Step to someone I know.” (scale 1-10)

  • 9.8

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