By The Numbers

Since our founding in 2001, we have worked with more than 7,300 young people at Next Step. We make every effort to increase the availability of our programs and services each year, and to measure the impact that our programs have so that we can understand and evolve them accordingly.

2017 Program Metrics

  • 175 young people participated in 8 Campferences, up from 4 Campferences in 2016
  • Across all Campferences, participants’ understanding of the steps needed to successfully transition from pediatric to adult care increased by 21%
  • We have seen many measurable milestones achieved by young people who have done significant work with Next Step staff and volunteers. In fact, in 2017, young people participated in 3,500 hours of programming at Next Step Central!

We worked with many young people to build the skills and confidence needed to attempt and achieve the following:

  • 20 started new jobs or received promotions.
  • 10 addressed serious psychosocial issues.
  • 7 moved from insecure housing or homelessness to secure housing.
  • 10 addressed healthcare issues that they had been avoiding.
  • 90% of program participants set life goals with Next Step staff
  • 52 young people performed or spoke at public events for more than 3,200 audience members


“Next Step taught me how to successfully advocate for myself. The community gave me tools to be confident and successful in my life.”NEXT STEP YOUTH

2017 Program Survey Feedback

“I have a community where I can express my thoughts, feelings, and experiences about my medical illness.

  • Pre-program: 22% strongly agree
  • Post Program: 63% strongly agree

“I feel confident about making my own, informed, medical decisions.”

  • Pre-program: 27% strongly agree
  • Post Program: 53% strongly agree

“I know I can change the things I want to change in my life.”

  • Post Program: 95% strongly agree

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