Who can attend a Next Step program?

Young people ages 16-29 living with a rare genetic disorder, HIV/AIDS, or cancer.

How much does it cost to attend a program?

It’s absolutely FREE for participants.

What's up with the rubber ducks?

They are precious at Next Step for some legendary reason that remains unclear…..

Is travel included?

Unfortunately, no. You have to get yourself to the program, but everything else is covered.

What do you do in a program?

All sorts of amazingness! Details depend on the program, but there’s always a time to connect with really cool people, share knowledge and experiences, and learn something useful for your daily life. Also, music is everywhere and you get to play with dogs.

How do I know if Next Step is for me?

Are you at all interested in puppies? Art? Karaoke? Finding friends? What about meeting someone who has walked the same path you’re walking? Or having the safe space and resources to tell your story in your way? Or a chance to write your own song and record it? If any of those things sound good, Next Step is for you.

What's a Campference?

Four days of food, fun and friends. And it’s FREE! It’s about finding your people, finding your place and finding your purpose.

What are the housing arrangements like at a Campference?

This largely depends on our location. At some programs, participants stay in cabins that house 12 people. The rooms in the cabins each have three beds. At other programs, participants stay in doubles or suite-style dorms on college campuses. The basic idea is that you’ll be sharing living space with someone.

What should I bring to Campference?

All of our locations supply the basics —pillows, linens, and towels. Other than that, we would suggest bringing toiletries, a hoodie (our meeting rooms can get chilly sometimes), a raincoat, clothes (don’t forget pajamas), your medications, and anything else you think would help you feel comfortable.

Do I have to wait till I get my medical form in order to apply to Next Step Campference?

No, you can send the general application first and then send your medical form when you get it back from your provider. We understand that this document takes a bit longer to get completed. Additionally, sending your general application right away let’s us know that you’re interested in attending sooner!

How do I refer someone to Next Step or to Song Studio?

Contact Gail Merriam, Next Step Youth Recruitment Coordinator at gail@nextstepnet.org to connect someone with general Next Step programs. Contact Kimberly at kimberly@nextstepnet.org for all things Song Studio.


Where do I make a donation to Next Step?

We accept cash and check donations and online donations through our website.

Does Next Step have a charity running team?

Yes. Team Next Step participates in the Boston Marathon and ASICS Falmouth Road Race. Contact Nancy Hays, Next Step Development Director, if you would like to run for Team Next Step: nancy@nextstepnet.org/617.864.2921.

How do I sponsor a Next Step fundraising event or youth program?

Contact Nancy Hays, Next Step Development Director, if you would like to sponsor a Next Step fundraising event or youth program: nancy@nextstepnet.org/617.864.2921.


Where is Next Step located?

Next Step Central is located at 99 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, Mass. 02139. (One block from the Central Square T stop on the Red Line.)

Can I volunteer at a Next Step program or event?

To volunteer for a program, contact Kepler Jeudy, Program Director, at kepler@nextstepnet.org or 617.864.2921. To help with an event, contact Nancy Hays, Development Director, at nancy@nextstepnet.org

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes, you can join our mailing list by entering your email address into the Subscribe button on our homepage.

Are you on social media?

Yes, we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Search @nextstepfund

I still have questions...

More Information Please!



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