Next Step mentors open windows of opportunity

Navigating the challenges of becoming an adult is difficult for anyone. For young adults living with cancer, HIV and rare genetic disorders, these challenges are multiplied and often feel insurmountable. At Next Step, we connect participants with mentors who have faced similar medical experiences and challenges. Watch my videos below to learn about the power that mentorship can provide.

Andre Bennett, Next Step Mentor Specialist

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When young people mentor and build community with other young people, powerful transformations unfold.


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“I remember when I received my first diagnosis, too.” Andre describes what it’s like for a young person facing serious illness to realize that their mentor faced similar challenges and succeeded.


Next Step participants can talk about dating, their fears of living independently, job searching, and all other aspects of life — not just their medical diagnoses.


This holiday season, you can provide a sense of belonging and support for young people facing serious illness. Help them connect with mentors who have walked in their shoes.

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