Celebrate Love, Courage, and Inclusion.

June 28, 1969, was 50 years ago today. It was what is now known as the Stonewall Riots. It was a major turning moment in the fight for the LGBTQIA+ community. Its participants shaped a new awareness of a population that was largely ostracized and marginalized. It’s a moment 50 years ago that has transformed the lives of many people and we are still seeing the effects today. We now get to celebrate for an entire month. We celebrate people for who they are, not what others think they should be. We celebrate expression, not silence. We celebrate above all, love. Love is love, is love, is love.

At Next Step, we strive to be inclusive and open. At any of our programs, we set up the space with intention. We encourage people to ask questions and live their truth. We create a safe space by being unapologetically ourselves. At Next Step, You Belong Here and Everything You Feel is Ok. Happy Pride!

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