Checking in with Next Step Night Out spotlight singer, Alexis!

With grace, aplomb, and serious style, Alexis took to the stage at Next Step Night Out, held at City Winery Boston, and performed a remarkable rendition of the original song “My One Love”, written by a community of Next Step participants in Song Studio – this song is about what it takes to raise ourselves up and how to make ourselves the priority. We recently connected with Alexis to learn more about what it was like to become an advocate, and how she felt in the moments before she stepped on stage. In her words:

“First off, I was extremely nervous about the entire process. From how I was going to sound – to how to convey the message so people could relate and connect – to how to look and present myself. It was enormously nerve-racking for me, partly because I’m a perfectionist.

Throughout the entire process everyone that I’ve worked with and/or spoke with at Next Step encouraged me and let me know that I wasn’t alone. However, that advice didn’t put me at ease entirely, because I was so wrapped up in the actual performance and the 250 guests in attendance.

I did eventually gain the confidence and strength, but it wasn’t until right before the performance when I spoke to Quita backstage. She told me with a smile that “I was going to be great, because I had to be.” For some reason she gave me a laugh and the extra boost I needed to step on stage.

I would absolutely do this for myself and/or Next Step again.”


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