“Clear My Mind”



Music… it pretty much gets me through life

Basically, there’s so many options
And whatever mood I‘m in,
I can listen to this or listen to that
And while I’m listening
the music gives me the chance to clear my mind

That’s why I feel music gets me through


Every artist has their own message with their music

And I can either relate to them
Or feel for them
I can hear there are others
Going through their own struggles
Their own scene and challenges
And despite that – or because of that
They make music to make themselves
To get the pain off their chest or out of their mind

To make space for what’s good in their life

This helps me realize I am not alone


I make sure to include the good in all my relationships

Because what’s good
Are the people who are actually there
To hold me down thru whatever
When I’m at my worst
They tell me to keep going, keep my head up
It’s like I’ve lost the beat for a second
But they help me get back in the groove

I would hate to be in a world where there’s no music

Where I’m sitting in the quiet – Just losing my mind



Throughout my whole life, music has been a part of it. It has helped me find myself and understand who I am.

Music gave em a different view on other people and on how society is.

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