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This holiday season our goal is to raise $60,000 so that more young people living with cancer, HIV, sickle cell and other rare genetic disorders can attend Next Step programs in 2023 at no cost to them or their family. If you have already given, thank you!

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I recently spoke with Dr. Matthew Heeney, the Associate Chief of Hematology at Boston Children’s Hospital and a member of the Next Step Board of Directors. Matt has the unique perspective of seeing the impact a diagnosis has on his young patients, both medically and socially, and the critical need for the shared experience that Next Step programs provide.

“Teaching some of the life skills that you need with this special lens of chronic illness is something that Next Step does very well, and mixes it with a lovely alchemy of fun, music and other things that really make it appealing to children and young adults.”

-Matt Heeney-

Watch a clip below from Matt’s informative interview about the transition into adulthood and an adult healthcare system for seriously ill youth.

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You can make a big difference in the life of a seriously ill young person. $2,500 allows a youth to attend a 4-day Next Step residential Campference. Please consider a donation to Next Step. Thank you.

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Bill Kubicek

Executive Director and Founder, Next Step

Dr. Heeney explains the urgent need for Next Step as the population of teens and young adults living with cancer, HIV and rare genetic disorders continues to grow.


Dr. Heeney describes why his young patients need the shared experience at Next Step.


Dr. Heeney speaks on why you should consider making a donation to Next Step.


Please consider a donation to Next Step this holiday season. Thank you.

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