Hey little me,

There are going to be people in your life that don’t always have your best interest, and sometimes they’re family.But you don’t have to let them off just because they’re family. No.

You are your own person – especially now you’ve grown. So that spot they’re comfortable in – their blissful ignorance – you don’t have to deal with that anymore. You get to choose – and you choose you:)

Yours is the path of forgiveness because forgiveness is an act of self care. It’s saying, “I forgive you for the sake of me.” It’s saying, “I don’t want that in my heart,” and “I won’t carry around your pain.”

In your heart you want space for light and love, plants and peace… You can have peace. I can have peace. We get to have peace.

I know you know life is not perfect, and I know you feel that “not perfectness” right now because you know that things happen. Things have happened and… well… In time you will begin to heal. You will. I mean, I’m here, right?!

Don’t give away your power. That’s the secret. We can’t let them cancel out our power AND we can’t cancel it out.

We do have a little more control over our lives than we let on so you have to tell yourself, “I’m running the show. I’ve got the power – and no one can take that from me.”

Hey little me – just thank you for holding on, for not giving up. For somehow finding your way through a whole lot of hell to become me. To become a person who can forgive…



This Vibe is about me finding the comfort within myself – because nobody can make you feel as good as you can make yourself feel. I’ve learned this the hard way, the easy way – all the ways.

In writing to my little me, I wanted them to know…

“You deserve the life you want –
not the life people think you’re going to have. What you are is nothing to be ashamed of. This is your reminder.

You are unique.
You have your own right.

And you are a beautiful thing.”

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