Have You Seen My Rights?

Artist Manifesto

Have You Seen My Rights?

Written By: Next Step Advocacy Group



HEY… Have You Seen My Rights????”

The sexual health and needs of young people living with chronic illnesses are rarely incorporated into their overall healthcare. Their sexual health & reproductive rights and needs remain severely unmet. As young people, we want to do something about this. So check it out…”



“Reproductive Rights, Sexual Health & You – STI’s De-stigmatized – Yeah breakdown that taboo

You gotta know ‘bout sexual health & reproductive rights – Your body, your flow

Real conversation and advice – So check it out”



“I want to be in the conversation about my Sexual Health & Reproductive Rights”

“I don’t want to be judged or shamed for my questions”

“We want the ability to choose”

“My diagnosis does not negate my sexual needs”

“I want to be treated like a person – not my illness”


CHORUS “Reproductive Rights, Sexual Health & You…”



“I want safety from persecution”

“Teach not to rape – No gender violence”

“Consent versus coerced consent”

“We want scientifically, medically accurate information”

“Legal freedom to practice your sexuality”

“I say when – I say how – I say how much”


CHORUS “Reproductive Rights, Sexual Health & You…”



“My overall wellness is all encompassing

You can’t only focus on my illness when my illness affects all of me

So treat me as a human being with a present, past & future

And recognize that every cut can’t physically be sutured”


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