He Crushed It!!! Now it’s his JOB!

In 2014, Jake Parsons came to us looking for a community that might get him back on his path after some medical setbacks.  His first project with us was producing movie review website called JP Flix to critique some… uhm… unique pieces of cinema.  (google “Crank”).

It was clear that he was a talented writer with a great sense of humor and he was a perfect fit for our social media intern position that was formerly filled by the legendary Owen .  From there he worked his butt off to learn the ins-and-outs of social media logistics and strategy.  Working with Colin, Jake grew tremendously in his skill and confidence and we are proud to announce that he has (finally) been officially added to the Next Step team.  Congratulations Jacob!

-Bill Kubicek, Next Step Founder & Executive Director

PS.  A HUGE thank you to Garrity Insurance for underwriting our internship program.  You helped him find his mojo!

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