I just listened to a killer podcast episode featuring Next Step’s Quita

A message from Bill our Executive Director…

What a gift to have team members understand what Next Step youth are going through because they have been there themselves.  Then on top of that they are funny, eloquent, thoughtful and educated.  Next Step is lucky indeed.  Here is a great example: In the most recent episode of The Anatomy of Wellness podcast Quita joins host, Mark Wahlen, to talk about chronic illness, her passions, and her work at Next Step.

Quita talks about her journey from living with a chronic illness and her experiences in and out of the hospital to going to school to pursue a masters degree in public health to give back to the chronic illness community. The difference between being diagnosed with a chronic illness and living with a chronic illness, and all of the work that Next Step does for young people living with a chronic illness.

Great Job Quita! Way to put yourself out there for the common good!


The episode can be found on apple, stitcher, and Spotify. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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