I’m In Control – STRIVE’s lip sync video

In Spring 2022, our mentees and mentors in Next Step’s STRIVE program for teens living with sickle cell came together to write a song about about their experiences with sickle cell. The project collaborated with Kimberly, Director of our Song Studio program, to create the anthem ‘I’m In Control.’

The original song highlights the perseverance youth with sickle cell feel as they navigate both every day and medical challenges that come with sickle cell. It speaks to their resilience and aspiration to be the authors of their story. The piece is a labor of love and we are happy to share it with the world.


Artist Statement

We, as the mentees and mentors of Next Step’s STRIVE program, wrote this song to share our journey with sickle cell. We hope to inspire other youth to persevere and take control of their own stories. Through our challenges, we have learned the value of having conviction, strength, and trust in yourself. Most of all, we want others living with sickle cell to know that you are not alone. We’re here with you.


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