Join our Summer Campference on July 9-12!

“Next Step has helped me redefine my relationship with the labels that accompany me and my rare disease. When I first came to the Next Step Summer Campference, I was in a mindset that I was defined by what I live with and what I have gone through because of my rare disease. Next Step has helped me realize that I am not my rare disease and my diagnosis is just a part of me.”

-2019 Next Step Summer Campference attendee

Rare Disease Day 2020 is this Saturday, February 29th. While we will be celebrating this special day, we also want to let you know of an exciting program this summer for young people living with a rare disease! Next Step is hosting a FREE Summer Campference on July 9-12th at the Warren Conference Center & Inn in Ashland, MA for young people, ages 16-24. Here is what you can expect:

  • Learn and have fun with a community of peers that “get it”
  • Talk to mentors that have walked in your shoes
  • Rock out in a jam session or write your own original music


CLICK HERE to apply. It is four days of fun, laughter and learning that you will not regret!

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