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Artist Statement: “This Word Mosaic represents the empowering process of community at Next Step – and all the feelings that one goes through. Before Next Step the experience is a jumble of insecure, stuck feelings. Then, finding community, the feelings start to flow and change because there are new connections – and new ways to see what’s possible.”

Please read Laura’s story (below) about why Community is they Key for her growth and donate to the 2017 Next Step Annual Appeal. Help us unlock potential of young people like Laura! No amount is too small.

In Laura’s words…

While I didn’t share with the group my first year at campference, eventually I did find my voice. My sense of self has evolved in so many ways over the past six years while attending Next Step programs. I’ve learned to view myself as someone who has lived with an illness, but I am not defined by my illness. And as long as I practice using my voice, I am moving in the right direction. The are so many ways you can learn not only to speak, but also to speak and be heard. Self-expression and advocacy through art is one of my favorite ways. Not only have I been given the opportunities to create meaningful art for myself, but I’ve been given a space where I can help my Next Step peers do it too. This experience is shaping what I want to do with art in my future, and I find myself able to jump in and try new things more confidently. Being a part of this community feels like coming home for the holidays to my family – but all year round! Please give what you can to this wonderful organization that has changed my life.

Donate to the 2017 Next Step Annual Appeal, Community is the Key and help us reach our goal of $45,000 this holiday season.

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