Looking back at our 1st Studio Campference!

We are so excited to share with you all an amazing project and video that was created during our first-ever Next Step Studio Campference this past Fall, 2019. Not only was it the first Next Step Studio Campference ever, but it was also the first time we brought young people from our three communities together at one Next Step residential Campference!

‘Come and Walk a Mile’ is an invitation for young people living with chronic illness to come join Next Step. The song was originally written and performed during a 2012 Next Step Campference by Kimberly Khare and all of the participants involved. This beautiful original song was reinterpreted and made into a lyric message video by Kimberly and ten young people who attended the Next Step Studio Campference.


Artist Statement about ‘Come and Walk a Mile’

“When it comes to those who live with chronic illness, there is a universal bond in which we are all walking an ‘everlasting mile.’ A mile can be defined as the journey an individual embarks upon with chronic illness and the impact it leaves. Pain, both mental and physical, and the stigma that comes from it and society, all contribute to the mile that we walk. We can’t change our reality, but we can change our perspective on how we view the reality of our mile. You are not alone walking your mile.

Next Step is a nonprofit organization that offers free Community, Music, and Mentorship for young people living with chronic illness to have the opportunity and safe space to create connections, experience growth and discover that they don’t have to walk their mile alone.”


Pictures from the Next Step Studio Campference


Program Hashtag



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