Meet Casey, Next Step Nursing Director & New Partnership Coordinator

Casey Casey has been the Next Step Nursing Director for the last nine years and now she can add Partnership Coordinator! We are so excited to expand Casey’s role at Next Step. You probably know her from our Summer Campference program but we recently sat down with Casey to get to know her better. Enjoy our fun interview Casey!

How did you find out about Next Step and what about the organization appealed to you?

“10 years ago, I got a message from a friend who I had worked with at Hole In The Wall Gang Camp. She asked if I was looking for a job and said she has this great friend, Bill, who is looking for their Summer Campferences. Bill and I met and I loved the sound of all that Next Step does. I love the relational aspect of Next Step.”

What is your new role at Next Step?

“My new role is Partnership Coordinator (added to my existing Nursing Director)”

What excites you most about Next Step’s Campference program and what it offers to young people living with chronic illness?

“I love being part of Campference. It is a magical place where people come together from all over and with different experiences to find just how much they have in common with each other. I love watching for the “lightbulb” moments…when some new idea or perspective sparks in a participant, volunteer, or staff.”

Why did you choose a nonprofit career path?

“I love to serve people. I think that is the heart of being a nurse and caregiver. I love working with a small team of other people that have similar goals.”

We are really into music at Next Step. Do you have a favorite musician? Favorite concert you attended? Do you play an instrument or sing? 

“I love music. I love to listen to other people who can create music. I did “play” the cello for three years in elementary school and I can play “twinkle, twinkle, little star” on the piano.”

Do you have a favorite hobby during your free time outside of Next Step?

“I enjoy photography and generally just being with people.”


Welcome, Casey! We are so happy to have you on our team!

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