Meet Christo! Team Next Step runner!

Team Next Step is running the 2020 Falmouth Road Race: At-Home Edition for the eleventh year this summer. Our incredible team is made up of 30 volunteers with big hearts, who are dedicated to running the prestigious 7-mile race between August 15-29th while also raising critical funds for Next Step.


Over the next several weeks we will be sharing personal stories from our amazing runners so you can get to know them a little better and learn why they are running for Next Step. Meet Christo, two-time Team Next Step runner!

“Since my mom started working for Next Step around the time I started high school, I’ve had an inside look at all the great and important work they do. Helping set up events or doing the odd task here and there for Next Step – I’ve been behind the scenes of how the magic happens, and it’s not easy work. But it’s important work, and it’s been inspiring to see everyone on the Next Step team come together around a common goal that really adds positive value to the world.

The recording studio in the Next Step office has always been super cool to me. I think it’s a great example of the spirit of Next Step’s programming, which as much as possible takes a holistic approach. So many young people living with a serious illness who come to Next Step have missed opportunities and milestones across the board, including outlets for self expression. Having a music program where people can get stuff off their chest and explore their creativity is awesome and speaks to the fact that Next Step understands that it’s a fight on many fronts for those who come through their doors.

It’s important to donate to Next Step because it directly supports a community that fights an uphill battle every day to thrive amid uncertainty. In various ways and to differing everyone is feeling the impact of uncertainty with the pandemic going on. I’d encourage my friends and family – and anyone else who comes across my, or anyone else’s, Next Step fundraiser – to think about those for whom uncertainty and scarcity is nothing new, which includes many who come to Next Step.

I will – fingers crossed – be running the whole 7 miles in one go!” – Christo

In the times we are living, our virtual programming has never been more critical to our young people. Please donate today and help Team Next Step hit their fundraising goal of $42,000 in support of Next Step’s free community, music and mentorship programs. Together we can change the lives of more young people living with cancer, HIV and rare genetic disorders.

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