New Year, Same Me. I will continue to STOP.

At a time that can feel overwhelming and divisive, it’s important to remember that we as people can create small moments of connection and understanding. Every person is different and that is magical. I wrote my TEDx talk to provide a tool for people to remind them to slow down and remember that other people are part of the experience. Each person is living their own rich, full lives and we should let them live it authentically and not start off a connection on the wrong foot. We need to STOP (See The Other Person) and let them show us who they are before we put our own biases, judgments, and assumptions on them. We have the power to personally ensure we keep our foot out of our mouths. It’s usually the first few moments of meeting or seeing someone that has the highest probability of a “whoops” moment. We need to take responsibility for how we intersect with the world and each other.

I’m excited that this tool has taken flight. The more it gets shared the more we can spread kindness. We can always, always, always give respect first instead of an apology later. Thank you to everyone who has supported me to use my voice and to TEDx for giving me the platform to do it. It was very exciting to see it featured in the We Humans section of I hope it continues to serve and get shared.

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