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Youth Engagement Coordinator Job Description

Organization: Next Step

Position: Youth Engagement Coordinator

Location: 99 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139


Organization Description(s):

At Next Step, we serve young people living with chronic illnesses — cancer, HIV, sickle cell, and other rare genetic conditions — between the ages of 16-29. We believe that if you empower them with the right skills, tools, and knowledge they will begin asking “What’s next?” instead of “Why me?” We help young people accomplish this shift in mindset through our change process — a 3-step cycle built upon the following pillars:

  • Engagement: Building Community + Changing Perspective
  • Education: Learning Skills + Growing Confidence
  • Empowerment: Building Resilience + Development Leadership

All of our programs are free of charge to participants. Our signature programs, our “Campferences,” are 4-day residential (and more recently virtual) programs that combine the recreational fun of camp with the information and networking opportunities possible at conferences. Like all of our programs, the impact of our Campferences lies in the relationships we build among youth. The only person in the world who can understand what it’s like to share your diagnosis with a friend for the first time or miss extensive days of school because of your diagnosis is another young person who’s been there too. The power of that shared experience can be life-changing.


Position Description:

The Youth Engagement Coordinator’s chief responsibility is to build and strengthen relationships with new and current community partners in an effort to increase youth recruitment. They are, in effect, a brand representative of the organization. The job responsibilities are as follows:

  • Build and maintain relationships with hospital partners and youth-serving agencies in Greater Boston and New England
    • This includes, but isn’t limited to, scheduling regular check-ins with our key partners and planning open houses throughout the year to maintain engagement
  • Develop a calendar of outreach events and activities — this includes presenting at conferences and other community activities as needed
  • Conduct ongoing research and outreach to new organizations and recruiting partners
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Communications team to plan and approve social media posts finding recruitment and program initiatives
  • Field and respond to all youth inquiries on our website
  • Connect with new youth and families as necessary to support them through the application process
  • Assist in the development and design of Next Step’s new recruitment & outreach framework for youth living with chronic illness
  • Maintain and update youth database with current attendees of programming
  • Provide requested data reports from youth database as needed
  • Manage youth registration at all Campferences
  • Attend staff and team meetings



  • Have excellent organizational and computer skills
  • Have experience working with databases
  • Exceptional communication skills and professional boundaries
  • Comfort working with diverse audiences
  • Education and or significant experience with addressing areas of multicultural diversity, including but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, abilities/disabilities, and intersectionality
  • Experience with community engagement activities and relationship building
  • Have experience working with health-related issues pertinent to this population
  • Possess a good sense of humor and work ethic
  • Responsible and professional
  • Are willing to travel when needed
  • Are able to work independently
  • Are able to manage a fast-paced, all hands on deck atmosphere
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the mission of Next Step
  • Have a strong interest in public health, medicine, and social justice issues
  • Have a car and a valid drivers license


The Youth Engagement Coordinator will receive supervision from Next Step’s Program Director on a biweekly schedule. Supervision will also include some on-the-job training around logistics and program participation.

This is a 40-hour a week position and compensation is 45k. Benefits include a 403b and health insurance. Please email resume and cover letter if interested to

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