Next Step Summer Campference!

“Next Step provides us the space to ask the tough questions and explore options in how we can apply answers to those questions in our lives in a way that matters. At Next Step we are experts of our own story and our story matters, but what truly makes a Next Step program unique is that their programs provide a place where we can be honest. Honest in our struggle but also our joy in taking ownership of our reality. We may not have a say how our rare disease impacts us but what we do have control over is how we respond.”

Next Step programs offer a sense of community for teens and young adults living with cancer, HIV, and rare genetic disorders. These programs are an opportunity for these populations to come together and be with peers who “get it”, who understand what it means to be living with a chronic illness.

If you are, or know, a teen or young adult, ages 16-24, living with cancer, HIV, or a rare genetic disorder then sign up for a Next Step Summer Campference! Over the course of a 4day weekend you can partake (or not) in fun activities, attend workshops focused on learning important life skills that help, and be part of community of peers that ‘get it’.

Apply today through our website!

For questions or more information contact Quita at or call her at our office at 617-864-2921


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