Quita’s Outreach Adventures!

Where in the world have I been the last week or so? If you’re trying to find me, Quita, Next Step’s Outreach Coordinator, I’m probably not in the office. As the Outreach Coordinator, I do outreach with patients, family, caretakers and industry partners. Sometimes even with All-Pro’s from the New England Patriots!

These last 10 days I have been earning that title. I gave 3 presentations, 2 meetings, and tabled 1 Social Change school fair, 1 blood drive, and 1 group program.

Where did I present you ask?!

> I presented to the Genetics Counselor Team at Mass General Hospital, where I spoke about our free year-round programs for teens and young adults living with rare genetic disorders.

> I presented information about our programs for young people living with rare genetic disorders to students and faculty in the Masters of Genetic Counseling program in Boston University’s School of Medicine.

> I spoke to blood donors and other industry partners at the 1st Annual Next Step Blood Drive in partnership with Devin & Jason McCourty of the New England Patriots and their Tackle Sickle Cell campaign.

> I also presented at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in hopes of recruiting young people impacted by a cancerous brain tumor diagnosis to our new Stepping Forward community program event – apple picking at Shelburne Farms in Stow, MA!

> To cap off the last two weeks, I hosted a table at MIT’s Social Action Fair through their PKG Center where I was able to talk about Next Step’s community, music and mentorship programs with students, faculty and community partners.

It’s been a jam-packed way to start the fall and I have more events coming up in the next months. Exciting times for sure! So exciting I even forget to post the pictures last week to prove I was there…

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