Representation is Key to Our Community

This year has given us all a new appreciation of the importance of connection. Our young people living with serious illness need the Next Step community more than ever as their health is at greater risk during the pandemic and many are feeling uncertain in the current climate of racial inequality and injustice.

At Next Step, we’re committed to creating a safe space to ask questions, share life experiences, gain different perspectives and meet unique challenges head on. No one knows the value of this community better than Shardé Fultz, Next Step Summer Campference Director and former Next Step participant.

Shardé shares her journey with Next Step as a woman of color in the video below. Please watch and learn more about our mission to meet teens and young adults living with serious illness where they are—to see the whole person, not just the diagnosis.

With your help, we will continue to provide opportunities for these young adults to not only survive, but thrive. Every gift makes a difference. Please donate to Next Step this holiday season.

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Bill Kubicek
Executive Director and Founder, Next Step


You can help young people living with cancer, HIV or a rare genetic disorder say “I BELIEVE IN ME.” Your gift will power our free, life-changing programs for community, music and mentorship. Please support Next Step this holiday season!


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