Ryan shares his Next Step story

No one should have to go it alone. That belief is at the very heart of the Next Step experience. It starts the minute we bring young people living with serious illness together in a safe zone of community.

Whether it’s the Next Step holiday gathering, a music therapy group or a Campference (our unique program that combines the fun of camp with the knowledge of a conference), we create an environment of trust, fun, acceptance and respect. And then we get out of the way! What happens next is nothing less than magical, and is best described by Ryan, a Next Step participant, in the short video below.

Watch and learn about the life-changing impact of the Next Step community on teens and young adults living with cancer, HIV and rare genetic disorders. With your help, we will continue to provide these vital opportunities for connection and growth. Please donate to Next Step this holiday season.

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Bill Kubicek
Executive Director and Founder, Next Step


You can help young people living with cancer, HIV or a rare genetic disorder say “I BELIEVE IN ME.” Your gift will power our free, life-changing programs for community, music and mentorship. Please support Next Step this holiday season!


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