Studio Campference This November!!

Next Step wants to create a Song~Story portfolio that shares what matters AND gives meaning to young people living with chronic illness. We need writers, singers, artists & collaborators – rappers, speakers, thinkers & advocates.


We want to record a studio version of a Community Song in our recording studio at Next Step Central. This fall, 10 young people will come together as a Youth Task Force, choose the community song, create art, narrative and media to bring the song’s message to life, and take part in a 2-night Campference November 22-24, 2019. We will publish this portfolio on our YouTube Channel once fully produced!


As a production crew, everybody will meet with Kimberly individually for a few studios to figure out their awesome contribution. If you’ve been to a Next Step Campference and are between the ages of 21-29, then consider applying online


Did we mention these 10 young people get paid a stipend for their time and talent? Woo-hoo!


Once you’ve applied online, the next step will be a phone interview with Kimberly to discuss:


  • Expectations of the Studio Campference
    • Our focus, purpose and outcomes


  • Expressive arts portfolio build & individual contributions
    • What you can bring to the narrative-building and production process


  • Project publication and consent
    • Understanding the commitment, responsibilities and agreements necessary to partake in this project


  • Advocacy Readiness
    • Preparedness and willingness to personally and publicly support this community project by:
      • Working within a group
      • Actively sharing your perspective and listening to the perspectives of others
      • Collaborating creatively and critically
      • Developing materials that educate others about the limitations and aspirations that young people living with chronic illness experience


If you have any questions regarding applying to the Studio Campference, contact Quita at

Do it and you’re cool!

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