Thank You Classic Graphx for years of printing support!

When we need to print material for our recruitment marketing materials, we rely on Classic Graphx. When we want to send off marketing material to our donors or to the general public, we rely on Classic Graphx. All of the marketing material you see around all of our events? Classic GraphX printed those for us too!

Anne and her incredible team at Classic Graphx have been so good to us over the years, making sure that we always have the highest quality marketing materials we need, and they’re always on time.

Classic Graphx offers a full design service, offset printing, on demand digital printing, digital copying, cutting, folding, booklet making, padding, and bindery.

We’re so lucky to have a business we can trust when it comes to our printing needs. Even better to have a local business partner right in our Central Square neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Thank you to Anne and the entire Classic Graphx team for their years of support!

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