Thank you STRIVE mentors!

For the last ten years, Next Step has been supporting high school teenagers living with sickle cell disease through our mentorship program, STRIVE. One day each week over the course of the school year, our young participants attend our program for free.

We host our mentorship program each academic semester, Fall & Spring, in Cambridge, MA, New York, NY and Washington, D.C. We hire college students from Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Maryland and George Washington University to volunteer as mentors of our STRIVE participants.


STRIVE is a unique program because all of the mentors understand what kind of trouble a medical condition can have on your life, whether at school or in their personal life. These mentors share their own experiences while offering academic support. STRIVE offers a safe environment to get tutoring as well as learn more about themselves. We provide a safe environment where our young participants can ask questions to older peers they trust.

Our STRIVE mentorship program is truly life-changing in large part to the college students who volunteer their time and share so much of themselves to make sure that our young participants living with sickle cell disease are listened to and supported in ways they need. Thank you to each and every mentor who has helped us or continue to help us change lives of teenagers that really need our help!

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