The Next Step family needs each other more than ever

Next Step is community.

Our participants, our staff and our supporters have come together for over 20 years, and are the cornerstone of our organization. Next Step ensures that young people facing the isolation imposed on them by their illness have a safe community of their peers within which to discover themselves beyond their condition, and pursue goals they never before thought possible.

Today, all of us are challenged by the isolation required to address COVID-19, and are vividly reminded of our fundamental need for community. In these extreme times, we realize that the Next Step family needs each other more than ever, and we look to the future when we will all be able to celebrate that again.

For now, these are the ways Next Step is responding to COVID-19:

  • First and foremost, we are keeping the Next Step family (teens and young adults, volunteers, staff and donors) safe by practicing social distancing. This includes our temporary suspension of in-person Summer Campferences, meetings in our offices, and events and get-togethers planned.
  • We are redesigning all Next Step programming to be delivered virtually – web and video.
  • We are increasing activities that support and engage our young people via Instagram LIVE sessions, Facebook groups, and video.

The Next Step Community has a unique understanding of how to rise above a medical crisis and is already getting together virtually to reassure each other and figure out how to keep the Next Step magic going strong.

So please stay safe and stay connected to Next Step. The community is STRONGER when we’re together.

Warm Regards,

Bill Kubicek

Next Step Executive Director & Founder

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