Today is Mental Health Awareness Day: Song Studio

October 10th in Mental Health Awareness Day. At Next Step we are all about shattering the limitations of stigma, disempowerment, and isolation. Even the topic of mental health has been taboo in the past. It was surrounded by stigma, those struggling with mental health issues would become disempowered, and then isolate. By creating a safe, secure environment with people who get it we are working to bring people up and share real experiences and impacts. We’ve had awesome young people go through a narrative process in Song Studio. One of our young people chose a song as a way to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day.

Not Going Down

“This song is about not letting anyone else define you. It’s about you defining who you are. It’s about not letting society or others in your life telling you who you can or cannot be. Mental Health Day is about loving who you are and not letting anyone’s opinions of you drag you down, including your own opinion of you. This song is an anthem that encourages self-love and taking pride in who you are. It’s about using your flaws as tools, not weapons.” -Grace

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