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When talking about a serious illness, the focus is often on the physical effects such as—pain, limitations, symptoms, progression and prognosis. But the stress on mental health for a young person transitioning to adulthood while managing a serious illness is profound. The feelings of isolation, depression, disappointment, loss, and fear experienced by these teens and young adults can leave them feeling desperately stuck and alone.

Recently, Crystal Taylor-Dietz, Clinical Psychologist and Psychosocial Director for our Next Step Summer Campferences shared her expertise about the complex mental health challenges facing the Next Step community with board member, Rena Greifinger. Watch Crystal discuss the need for Next Step’s impactful programs…all made possible by YOU!


Crystal explains the vital importance of creating a safe space for young people at Next Step.


Learn about how Next Step is establishing community for new participants who are attending our programs virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Thank you for being part of the solution through your ongoing financial support. Together, we can continue to provide critical programming for seriously ill teens and young adults!


Bill Kubicek

Executive Director and Founder, Next Step

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