Virtual Studio Campference 2020!

At Virtual Studio Campference 2020 we are going to be creating a toolkit for having “Safe Conversations.”


In the midst of a global pandemic, the world finally becoming aware of its anti-black sentiments and policies, and the everyday experience of social proximity – building up community, our advocacy, and our selves, and taking part in these conversations safely, is the priority. To do this, we need to know how to be in “uncomfortable talk.” To do that, we need to know “the facts, the feels & the finesse.” And to know those, we realized we needed a toolkit.


This fall, 10 young people will come together as a Virtual Task Force and build a toolkit that can help us engage safe conversations. This toolkit will need art, music, stories, guides and… well… we don’t actually know! We do know we need writers, singers, artists & collaborators – rappers, speakers, thinkers & advocates – YOU. Because we know together, we can create something amazing.

As a production crew, we will meet virtually as a group several times in October and November, AND, everybody will meet with Kimberly individually for a few virtual studios. Your voice, your experience, your influence – it’s all needed to inform and help create this toolkit.


Soooooooo……..!!!!!!!!!! If you’ve been to a Next Step Campference once before and are between the ages of 21-29, consider applying online at


Did we mention these 10 young people get paid a stipend for their time and talent? Yup. That’s a real thing.


Once you’ve applied online, the next step will be a Zoom interview with Kimberly to discuss:


  • Is Virtual Studio Campference a good fit for you at this time?
    • What do you have going on these days?
    • Can you take on an amazing commitment like this right now?
    • Does a Virtual Campference format work for you?


  • Expectations of the Virtual Studio Campference
    • Our focus, purpose, and outcomes
  • Expressive arts portfolio build & individual contributions
    • What you can bring to the narrative-building and production process


  • Project publication and consent
    • Understanding the commitment, responsibilities, and agreements necessary to partake in this project


  • Advocacy Readiness
    • Preparedness and willingness to personally and publicly support this community project by:
      • Working within a group
      • Actively sharing your perspective & listening to the perspectives of others
      • Collaborating creatively and critically
      • Developing a toolkit that helps us assess & build our readiness for engaging in safe conversations


  • Technology Inventory
    • What device/s and/or tech do you have access to attend – and/or what might you need to attend?




If you have any questions regarding applying to Virtual Studio Campference 2020, contact Quita at


Do it and you’re cool!

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