We are so close! Thank you from Next Step Board Chair.

SARAH GARRITY – Next Step Board Chair

Now that 2017 has come to an end, we reflect on the communities to which we belong and the cherished family and friends who provide us with the strength and support to forge ahead in the new year.

Imagine feeling isolated as a result of a chronic life-threatening that prevents you from feeling that sense of inclusiveness. Imagine feeling different from those around you without access to other people who understand your disease and/or the difficulty in coping with your daily life. Imagine finally finding a community which provides the support you’ve been longing for, peers who face the same struggles and an environment where you not only feel safe but are encouraged and given the tools to work toward your goals. Next Step provides that community to teens and young adults living with chronic life-threatening illnesses.

Next Step is working every day to continue to provide and enhance the community we offer our participants. We are reaching out to new teens and young adults who suffer from cancer, HIV or rare genetic disorders and welcoming them into our community with open arms. Amidst the vibrant and nurturing atmosphere found at Next Step Central in Cambridge, MA and at all of our residential campferences, our young participants build life-long relationships, gaining the confidence to work towards their goals and fulfill our mission of Shattering their Limitations and Elevating their Aspirations. Community is the Key to our success and the success of the young people we serve.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported Next Step throughout the year and during our annual appeal. We are only $5,000 away from reaching our fundraising goal of $45,000. Please DONATE to the 2017 Next Step Annual Appeal, Community is the Key and help us welcome more deserving young people into the Next Step community in 2018. 

Happy New Year!

With warm regards,

Sarah Garrity

Next Step Board Chair

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