Meet Sharde – One Of Our AMAZING Campference Directors!

We are thrilled to announce that one of our favorite people in the world, Sharde Fultz, has signed on again as the Director of our Face2Face Summer Campference for teens and young adults coping with a cancer diagnosis. Sharde is well known in the young adult cancer community and has attended Next Step events as a participant, volunteer and now the captain of the ship!

Sharde has been a valuable member of our community for many years. She is a poet, a dancer, a philosopher, a mentor, an advocate, a speaker, and all around amazing person.

A message from Sharde to our community:

“I’m Sharde, Next Step’s Face2Face Campference Director. It’s my job to plan the day-to-day activities and ensure that every workshop and activity is 100% geared toward our participant’s needs. It’s an honor to hold this responsibility as I myself am a cancer survivor and have learned a ton from my own time at Face2Face as a participant. My hope is that when these four days are over, each Campference attendee will leave with a sense of community and encouragement. I look forward to an exciting week!”


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Sharde is tall… and funny… and has been there / done that.


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