What Are We Doing?

Written By: LOVE Ticket


The separation… And the judgment

 …Come on now, tell me now – What are we doing?                                                            

About Stigma?

 …Why ain’t we talking, yeah?

About the scars and the lies?

…Oh, what are we doing?

Puttin’ others down because of our fears

…Why are we running this way, yeah?

Betraying our friends and family

 …Oh, tell me, what are we doing now?

We’re still here today

 …Why ain’t we talking, no, no,no?

About those we’ve lost and loved

 …What are we doing, yeah?

Discrediting each other

 …Why we running this way?

Not knowing the truth from the lies



…The truth from the lies… the truth from the lies… the truth from the lies…



Gotta get on, get with, be strong and live this life

…You know HIV doesn’t discriminate – So why should we?

Gotta get on, get with, belong, stay true to mine

What we really need to do is educate – Be honest with each other

Whoa, Gotta get on, get with, be strong and let go the strife

…Human Immunodeficiency Virus…

…I can’t see what’s wrong about a deficient immune system

Gotta get on, get with, belong and know truth from lies

…It’s about community – and understanding

Oh, Truth from the lies

…It’s about living… today…


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