World Cancer Day

Today, February 4th, is World Cancer Day. in honor of the occasion we want to talk a little about all of the free programs we (Next Step) offer for teens and young adults, ages 16-29, living with cancer.

All year round, we offer community, music, and mentorship programming. Individuals can come by our home in Cambridge, MA and work in our song studio program and take part in all aspects of the music therapy process – from songwriting, learning an instrument, and recording their own original song! By working with Kimberly they can discover their true voice, they can learn so much about themselves, their goals for the future, and how to communicate their story.

Each summer we also host a 4-day residential Summer Campference for young people, ages 16-29, living with cancer. Over the course of a weekend, these individuals will find themselves in a community of peers that “get it”. Every Campference attendee has their own personal experience with cancer, but they can relate to each other in ways that are unique to this community. We call this the camp half of the weekend.

The second component of our Campference program is the conference half. These are mentorship programs that are going throughout the weekend. These young people learn life skills that are unique to young people living with chronic illness both from their mentors as well as from as talking to other Campference attendees.

If you’re a young person,  or you know one, living with cancer know that you are welcome at Next Step.

Visit our website to learn about our free year-round community, music, and mentorship programs:

We are now accepting applications to our Summer Campference for young cancer survivors taking place June 25-28 at the Warren Conference Center & Inn in Ashland, MA. Click here to apply:


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