A thank you from Quita

Dear Falmouth 2019 Runners,


This is Quita from the program team. I want to thank you for running. You’re running because you believe in this organization, someone you love talked you into it, you really like running and thought you’d earn some karma points along the way? For any of these and other reasons, I want to show my gratitude.

It’s your running and fundraising that makes it possible for us to do our work. You are raising awareness just as much (and maybe more) than raising the dollar amounts. Every person who works or volunteers for Next Step puts in countless hours because we’ve seen the change that can happen for a young person who is living their life despite what life has thrown at them. We get to see the magic growth of a young person from their first day in a program to when they shatter their limitations and elevate their aspirations for things they once considered impossible for them. Each friend you’ve told about Next Step could lead to a young person finding us. Each dollar you’ve fundraised makes sure we’re here to run those programs.


If you need a little extra motivation to make it through the 7+ miles listen to the community songs we created this summer or go deeper in the song catalog for some individual pieces. Fair warning though these songs will get stuck in your head and you might sing them for days. And maybe that will inspire you to reach out to one more person to tell them about Next Step. Get that last dollar. Change the life of one more young person.



A million times thank you!

And to anyone who is considering donating to our 2019 Falmouth Road Race team – donate $50 to our team and you will automatically be entered into a special raffle for two round trip economy class air tickets with Turkish Airlines! Woohoo! This is a remarkable opportunity to support a life-changing cause while planning a really cool trip abroad!


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